Rush Digital founder named NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever 2016

Danushka Abeysuriya is one of the most likeable guys you'll meet in tech. And the industry recently recognised his achievement across the full spectrum of what it takes to make an impact in technology.  The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrates the success of New Zealand companies in the technology and innovation space across 13 categories.

The Fronde Young Achiever Award recognises talent to watch for their outstanding achievements and vision. “Danu was the whole package. With humility and a clear long term goals, he has achieved and is making an impact for his customers, business shareholders, and his team.” He was congratulated for being a strong, relatable leader and a dynamo for growth in his company. “The award means so much to me personally as it reflects a validation of the journey and is also a validation to all of the people who care about me, inspire me, and believe in me.” Great stuff, Danu.


Rush Digital Featured in Idealog Magazine Jan/Feb Edition


By the time he was nine, Danushka Abeysuriya and his family had experienced nick-of-time escapes from not one, but two, war zones. Not surprisingly, this gave him a non-traditional view on risk, and he founded his own game development company at the tender age of 24. Four years later the company has over 30 staff and counts Microsoft, TVNZ, Samsung, Heineken and National Geographic among its clients.

“One big dream of mine, one hairy, audacious goal, is to start a non-profit pharmaceutical,” he says. “Bill Gates is someone who’s got his head screwed on right and realises he can’t take any of that money with him when he dies. He’s shown that if you put some effort into areas of disease that aren’t profitable, you end up taking huge strides."