1000KM Tennis Court

To make some noise around the ASB Classic wildcard announcement, we created a real-time tennis game between 2 players, one in Auckland and one in Christchurch, 1000km apart, using the power of the internet.

We designed and engineered a technological tennis court in each city which made it possible to play with someone on the other side, in real-time. The activation helped to iterate ASB's brand message of experiencing the future, and was featured in news all over the country. As well as nabbing AXIS awards, it was submitted to Guinness as a world-record.

The solution was to use computer vision to track the tennis balls as they were in-flight. We developed a specialised, custom computer vision system, featuring 4 wide angle cameras looking down over the court. This had to pick up and digitise the ball trajectory through purpose-built control software created by Rush. We built our own tennis ball machines which were capable of receiving information from the other site in less than 100 milliseconds and interpreting it to fire out a ball with similar trajectory and speed within 200 milliseconds in total. A live video wall with a streaming video link between the cities made the game complete.


ASB Bank New Zealand


Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, Ambient Media Worldwide

The Great Meatpack Hunt

To launch their new brew, we created an augmented reality app for Montheith's that put thousands of wild animals out into the streets of New Zealand, and let Kiwis loose to hunt them. Everywhere from their local bars, to their offices.

Designed to create conversation around beer, cider and food matching, the game has been one of the most successful AR campaigns ever. Hunters across New Zealand got the opportunity to win real meatpack prizes by completing levels featuring duck, venison, lamb and beef, and could challenge their friends to find out who was the better hunter. The project won big at Caples and was featured in a Think with Google showcase. Over 2,000,000 virtual shots were fired and all of the beer was sold out across the country. 

To create one of the most robust augmented reality experiences the world had seen, we had to research and develop an advanced custom gyro plug-in, a high performance C++ script which filtered noise on sensor data and delivered a consistent experience across all devices and platforms. We built in the ability to scan and recognise product labels as AR markers, as well as billboards which enabled Monteith's to do AR activations. We produced all the 3D artwork, models, and created the Golden Stag, a one-off secret creature which when found and shot by one lucky hunter unlocked the ultimate campaign prize.


Monteith's New Zealand


Colenso BBDO



QBE wanted to create a memorable activation to launch their Cyber Security Policy. We built them an immersive, futuristic world within their stand in the middle of a bustling exhibition.

We created the QBE QuBE, a fully interactive experience that placed screens on all surfaces with mirrored black walls and ceilings to transported guests into the future. We created and showcased and showcased vivid interactive scenarios in a Tron-like city about the future of insurance, including driverless cars, hyper-connected devices and cyber crime. This resulted in 175% more enquiries and proved to be a conversation starter for interactions on many levels.

Leap technology was used in order to create a “Minority Report” style experience that allowed the audience to answer questions, plot paths and interact with the presentation by just moving their hands in mid air. We designed all the 3D graphics and built them into the virtual world, then built frameworks for the depth-mapping sensor inputs which had to control the experience.


QBE Insurance Australia

Heineken Live Preview

Heineken wanted to take New Zealand nightlife to the next level, and let people unlock a world of exclusive possibilities at Heineken venues. So we created an app which unlocks more for you, the more you go out in your city.  

Heineken LIVE uses iBeacon and GPS technology to automatically track and check you in at Heineken venues all over New Zealand, offering location-based rewards when you spend time at your favourite bars.

We built a completely bespoke CMS which was co-ordinated to over 500 iBeacons that Rush coded and rolled out all over New Zealand, giving Heineken a world of data on users and providing a world-first experience to Kiwis.




Saatchi & Saatchi NZ, Darkhorse

Trans Tasman Tug-O-War

As a key launch partner for the new season of the hit show "The Amazing Race" with TVNZ and Channel 7 Australia, we developed a virtual tug of war game that allowed teams in New Zealand to battle teams across the Tasman.

The Amazing Race wanted to play up the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand, and this was the answer. The activation was a world-first and provided an incredible level of engagement for the members of public that participated. Teams lined up to battle it out between Auckland and Sydney for 3 days. The stunt attracted attention from both Kiwi and Aussie media, with New Zealand winning by one game.

What this meant was building a system that could measure the force of 4 strong adults as an input to an interactive game. We had to consider how to counter-weight the players, provide a live video stream to each site, and design all the logistics, software and hardware detail in between. Rush created a bespoke game, streaming and anchor system of multiple softwares that allowed contestants to view their opponents through an LED screen in the opposing mall while having their pulling force measured and fed into the gaming system instantaneously. This was all designed around a 4-tonne concrete anchor on each side.


The Amazing Race


TVNZ, Ambient Media Worldwide

Over half of Mexico’s school children won’t finish a single book outside class this year, yet many will spend up to four hours a day playing on a smart device. So we gave kids a way to facilitate their own reading every time they picked up their tablets.

ReadOn is a free app that turns every session on a device into reading time. Instead of a lock screen, kids are met by the page of a children's book. In order to unlock the screen, they have to read the page that's displayed and answer a question about it. They can then choose to keep reading the book, and all the while, parents can monitor week-by-week progress. Kids can choose to heart a book they like, which parents can purchase for them from within their app.

In order to create ReadOn, we had to code a custom smartphone launcher from scratch. The launcher had to override and control the device, as well as sending information to the linked app on the parent side. Bespoke statistics tracking was built and integrated. It monitored speed of reading, pages read of which book, percentage of questions answered correctly, and could be compared with the previous week's reading. Kids could favourite a book which gave the parent the option to purchase the book directly, and send it straight to their child's device.


Cengage Learning Worldwide


FCB New Zealand, FCB Mexico

Cesar Millan's Pack Leader

Cesar Millan wanted to give his fans a great dog adoption experience. The answer? An app that finds your perfect canine companion in a nearby shelter by appealing to the dog in everyone.

With clever use of facial recognition technology, audio fingerprinting and curated knowledge of dog breeds, suggested to fans what their canine life companion would be based on their face, bark , and lifestyle. Cesar loved the app, and so did dog lovers all over New Zealand. The app was featured and shown off to audiences all over the world.

Drawing on our video games expertise, an ultra-high performance OpenGL ES 2.0 animation framework ensured quick loading and slick animations that were consistent across Samsung's 10 hero devices while remaining compatible with the over 3500 different other types of Android. NEC facial recognition using the same technology used to protect global airports was integrated into the app to analyse and compare a user's face to over 50 breeds of dog. Using technology and techniques used by the likes of Apple, Shazam and Nokia, we implemented our own fourier-based audio signal processing to compare a user's bark to dozens of different dogs.


Samsung Global, National Geographic United States


Colenso BBDO


How to Get Away With Murder

To help promote their new murder mystery series, we helped TVNZ put fans at the centre of their own alternate-reality thriller.

The game immersed players in a fictional world that reached into reality through clues laid in the real world in print, online blogs and high-production video.

Inspired by Microsoft's "I Love Bees" campaign for Halo, the game would interact with users by sending real texts to their phones and delivering real calls at crucial points throughout the series. The game was so engaging that we had dedicated fan groups on Facebook with thousands of members trying to solve the mystery.


How to Get Away With Murder


TVNZ Blacksand


86% of people watching TV in New Zealand have a second screen in their hands.

TVNZ wanted help with reviving an old classic, so we invited Kiwis to app along and keep the trivia fun of Mastermind New Zealand going well after its Sunday night time slot. 

Partnering up with Emirates to deliver the experience and chances to win flights through the app, it's being enjoyed by over a hundred thousand Kiwis all around the country. Players can compete with themselves or with Masterminds around the country by submitting results to the national leaderboard.


BBC Mastermind


TVNZ Blacksand

Into the Dead Port

Microsoft wanted people using Windows Phone to be able to kill zombies.

Our task was to take the existing iOS and Android source code, replace platform-specific elements, perform QA and optimise the performance of the game for the Windows device family.

Unlike many of our other projects that were written in C++ and using OpenGL, Into The Dead was originally written in Unity.

While the framework uses the Mono runtime on iOS and other platforms, the Windows edition uses the .NET runtime, so inherent incompatibilities exist when mixing in Windows 8's new sandbox environment, not to mention the hugely different performance characteristics. Working with Microsoft, Rush Digital's experience in advanced low-level profiling, debugging and deep understanding of both the iOS and Windows platforms meant these challenges were overcome in time for a Christmas launch.

Spotting the Windows Phone page for the app reveals over 300 ratings averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars. 'Nuff said.

In fact, we've ported over 40 apps and games to Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Blackberry - our depth across these platforms is unmatched.


Into the Dead


Microsoft Worldwide

Delight my Delay

Sheraton Hotels wanted to turn travel delays during the busiest time of year into travel delights.

"In keeping true with our mission to provide effortless travel experiences for our guests, Sheraton is putting its own spin on one of the biggest pain points of the holidays and giving consumers the opportunity to get a little extra delight in their day."

Working closely with their team, we designed and built a kiosk for Sheraton at John F. Kennedy International Airport that was available over the holiday season. There, delayed travellers were able to scan their boarding pass and turn their unexpected hiccup into a chance to win prizes. What's more, the length of a user's delay would influence how many attempts at a prize they get. So, the more delayed, the more chances to win.

Our custom software had to identify delays in real-time within multiple carriers, and the prize mechanism had to reflect this. As well as being a completely bespoke build, the project turned holi-delays into holi-delights.


Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Drift Legends

With official license from BBC Top Gear, we created an experience that gearheads around the world were revving their engines to.

Rush concepted and built a world-class drift racing engine and wanted to make something great with it, so we spoke to the BBC. The result was Drift Legends, a mobile game that's as fun as it is addictive.

With multiple game modes, 25 tracks through five countries, and a slew of iconic characters and cars from the show, Drift Legends is a true companion to the show.

It's all about speed, style, and smoke.


Top Gear



Weather Wars

For many farmers, success depends on meeting the challenges of the weather. To help show off new personal weather-predicting technology to farmers, we created an interactive experience for Ballance that showed just how effective the technology could be.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is a co-operative owned by farmers, with the aim of helping them farm more productively, profitably and sustainably. For many, success depends on meeting the challenges of the weather. So to introduce their new personal weather service, we built an interactive game that recognised gestures and used them to show people how much more efficient their farming could be with accurate weather prediction.

The new service offers site-specific weather data, so we mirrored that in the game and allowed players to affect the grass growth on-screen depending on weather conditions. We created an original game and graphics in Unity, and coupled that with infrared depth-mapping sensors in order to allow the game to be controlled by the gestures of the players. The game found huge success at Field Days, the biggest farming innovation conference in the country.


Ballance Agri-Nutrients